Kitex Release v0.8.0



1. gRPC 协议支持多 Service

Kitex gRPC 支持多 Service 的能力,详见 Multiple Services.

2. Acquire Kitex RPCInfo

提供 kitexutil 方法以方便从 RPCInfo 获取 rpc 信息, 详见 Acquire RPC information.


1. Map 泛化调用

Map 泛化支持通过 SetBinaryWithByteSlice 设置对 binary 字段返回 []byte。

2. RPCInfo 异步使用

允许关闭 RPCInfo 复用,简化异步使用方式,详见 Acquire RPC information.


升级 Frugal v0.1.12, 修复同时使用 frugal 和 sonic 时极小概率出现的并发问题。 强烈建议同时升级 frugal 和 sonic 到较新的版本。

  go get
  go get



[#1051] feat(grpc): support gRPC multi-service on a server
[#1189] feat(rpcinfo): add kitexutil methods for the convenience to fetch rpc information from RPCInfo
[#1176] feat(tool): add an environment variable to make it easier to debug kitex tool
[#1173] feat(rpcinfo): allow disable rpcinfo reuse for async reference
[#1172] feat(retry): client.WithSpecifiedResultRetry should have higher priority
[#1150] feat(proxy): add an interface to customize proxy middleware to replace the default implementation
[#1159] feat(generic): support returning []byte for binary fields in map generic
[#1153] feat(retry): add Extra for retry.FailurePolicy for better extension


[#1187] optimize(tool): add an option to keep resp for kitex tool
[#1183] optimize(meshheader): retrieve rip from meshheader and write it to TransInfo
[#1178] optimize(bizErr): recurse to obtain BizErr to avoid additional Error encapsulation in the middle, resulting in unwrap results that are not BizErr


[#1126] fix(generic): the issue of structs cache of generic call has dirty data under multiple services scene
[#1168] fix(tool): remove the pointer to java.Object in generated file for CodecDubbo
[#1169] fix(tool): empty struct generate wrong struct
[#1166] fix(generic): issue of deep copy function generation when map key type is binary
[#1155] fix(tool): add import package ‘context’ for gRPC client.go


[#1177] test: avoid port conflict


[#1190] chore: update thriftgo version to v0.3.3
[#1186] chore: update readme with examples and new blogs
[#1185] chore: add ci for windows
[#1182] chore: update dynamicgo to v0.1.6
[#1152] chore: update dynamicgo and sonic version
[#1164] chore: update frugal to v0.1.12 and allow disable frugal by build tag
[#1161] chore: update frugal to v0.1.10
[#1157] chore: update frugal to v0.1.9
[#1151] chore(test): upgrade mockey to latest to compatible with Go1.21