Kitex v0.7.0 版本发布



1. gRPC 压缩支持

实现了 KiteX gRPC 的压缩功能支持,可以使用例如 gzip 等压缩方法减小 payload 体积

2. GLS

使用 local-session 组件兜底请求上下文传递,解决用户没有传递 ctx 导致的微服务断链问题


1. Unknown Fields 无序列化优化

实现无序列化的 unknown field 功能,无序列化unknown fields方案在FastCodec上性能提升约6x ~ 7x,详见:#1017

2. DynamicGo 集成

在 KiteX 的泛化模块中集成 dynamicgo 以提升 JSON\HTTP 泛化调用性能 (+50%~200%)


升级 Thriftgo 库依赖至 v0.3.0 ,支持了 Thriftgo 反射功能,可以在运行时获取 IDL 元信息



  • [#1053] feat(retry): support to distinguish local retry request
  • [#1058] feat(retry): support delete retry policy dynamically
  • [#1000] feat(grpc): support grpc compress
  • [#1018] feat: use local-session to backup request context in case of missing
  • [#1045] feat(generic): support base64 codec for map generic
  • [#1035] feat(config): provide the ability to dynamically configure the rpctimeout config on the method hierarchy
  • [#825] feat(generic): integrate dynamicgo into kitex generic call
  • [#1019] feat(lb): interleaved weighted round-robin load balancer


  • [#1064] optimize: check header max size when ttheader encode
  • [#1017] optimize: implement unknown field function without serialization
  • [#1036] optimize(protobuf): ignore err when (un)marshal empty req/resp
  • [#1056] optimize(tool): optimize struct ref
  • [#1043] optimize: add method info to the error message of the server handler panic for easy troubleshooting
  • [#1025] optimize: use Tags of ServerBasicInfo as default Tags of RegistryInfo
  • [#1020] optimize: add nil check for MethodInfo which get from ServiceInfo in client.Call to ignore panic


  • [#1073] fix: fix failure retryer dump panic
  • [#1067] fix: slim template with deepcopy
  • [#1055] fix: ignore SIGHUP when run with nohup
  • [#1048] fix(retry): keep the behavior of retry policy consistent between initing and updating
  • [#1047] fix(tool): cli warning for unknown suffix
  • [#1038] fix(config): correct the function signature of the rpcinfo.TimeoutProvider implementation
  • [#1034] fix(generic): add case int16 into buildinTypeIntoString
  • [#1023] fix(generic): avoid dead-loop when marshal self-referenced struct
  • [#1028] fix:modify .licenserc.yaml
  • [#1012] fix: skip frugal on go 1.21
  • [#992] fix(grpc): use mcache to fix memory leak caused by grpc codec buffer to reuse memory incorrectly
  • [#994] fix(tool): fix kitex tool git repo pulling logic


  • [#1074] chore: update thriftgo to v0.3.0
  • [#1031] chore: remove wechat group in readme
  • [#1008] chore: update dynamicgo to v0.1.1
  • [#1006] chore: remove unnecessary replace for frugal
  • [#1007] chore: upgrade netpoll to v0.4.1