Extension of Transport Module


By default, Kitex integrates the self-developed high-performance network library Netpoll. But Kitex is not strongly bound with Netpoll, it also supports users to extend other network libraries and choose one on demand. In addition, Kitex provides ShmIPC to further improve IPC performance, this extension will be open source later.

Extension APIs

The main extension interfaces of transport module are as follows:

type TransServer interface {...}

type ServerTransHandler interface {...}

type ClientTransHandler interface {...}

type ByteBuffer interface {...}

type Extension interface {...}

// -------------------------------------------------------------
// TransServerFactory is used to create TransServer instances.
type TransServerFactory interface {
	NewTransServer(opt *ServerOption, transHdlr ServerTransHandler) TransServer

// ClientTransHandlerFactory to new TransHandler for client
type ClientTransHandlerFactory interface {
	NewTransHandler(opt *ClientOption) (ClientTransHandler, error)

// ServerTransHandlerFactory to new TransHandler for server
type ServerTransHandlerFactory interface {
	NewTransHandler(opt *ServerOption) (ServerTransHandler, error)

TransServer is the startup interface of the server, ServerTransHandler and ClientTransHandler are the message processing interfaces of the server and client respectively, ByteBuffer is the read-write interface. Under the same IO model, the code logic of the TransHandler is usually consistent, so Kitex provides the default implementation of TransHandler for synchronous IO and abstracts the extension interface for different parts. Therefore, in the scenario of synchronous IO, it is not necessary to implement the complete TransHandler interface, just implement the Extension API.

Netpoll Extension

Below figure is Kitex’s extension to netpoll synchronous IO, which implements Extension, ByteBuffer, TransServer interfaces.


Customized Transport Module Usage

  • Server Side

    option: WithTransServerFactory, WithTransHandlerFactory

    var opts []server.Option
    opts = append(opts, server.WithTransServerFactory(yourTransServerFactory)
    opts = append(opts, server.WithTransHandlerFactory(yourTransHandlerFactory)
    svr := xxxservice.NewServer(handler, opts...)
  • Client Side

    option: WithTransHandlerFactory

    cli, err := xxxservice.NewClient(targetService, client.WithTransHandlerFactory(yourTransHandlerFactory)