GLS Feature Usage

Goroutine local storage for implicitly pass context

Server side enable request context backup

  • Option on
    • Use the server option WithContextBackup;
    • The first parameter enable indicates that the GLS is enabled;
    • The second option, async, means to enable asynchronous implicitly pass-through (indicating that the context in the asynchronous call to go func () is also transparent fallback)
svr := xxx.NewServer(new(XXXImpl), server.WithContextBackup(true, true))
  • Adjust localsession management options by environment variables
    • First, enable WithContextBackup on the Server side.
    • Configure CLOUDWEGO_SESSION_CONFIG_KEY ``= [{Whether to enable asynchronous pass-through}] [, {Global sharding number}] [, {GC interval}] in environment variables , all three options are optional, null means use default value
      • Ex: true,10,1h means, turn on asynchronous + sharding 10 buckets + 1 hour GC interval

Client start request context fallback

  • Option on
    • Use the client option WithContextBackup;
    • The parameter handler represents the backup logic BackupHandler customized by the business.
func(prev, cur context.Context) (ctx context.Context, backup bool)
  • Prev parameter represents the context of the backup
  • Cur parameter represents the context obtained by the current client
  • Ctx return value represents the final context where the user completes processing
  • Backup return value indicates whether to continue localsession built-in fallback backup , mainly metainfo Persistent KVS pass-through at present
var expectedKey interface{}
cli := xxx.NewClient(serverName, client.WithContextBackup(func(prev, cur context.Context) (ctx context.Context, backup bool) {
    if v := cur.Value(expectedKey); v != nil {
    // expectedKey exists, no need for recover context
        return cur, false
    // expectedKey doesn't exists, need recover context from prev
    ctx = context.WithValue(cur, expectedKey, prev.Value(expectedKey))
    return ctx, true

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