Advanced Feature

Generic Call

Kitex supports generic calls for Thrift and Protobuf, typically used for mid-platform services that do not need generated code.


In addition to IDL-defined data structures, Kitex supports additional meta-info transmitting capabilities and interoperability with different frameworks.

Server SDK Mode

SDK Mode(invoker)provides a way to call Kitex server just like a SDK.

Customize Error Handler

RPC is based on the protocol and there is no unified error code specification, so Kitex provides ErrorHandler to customize error handling.

Customize Hook for Start/Shutdown of Server-side

Kitex supports customizing business logic before and after server startup and exit respectively.

gRPC Proxy

Kitex supports custom Proxy routing for unregistered gRPC method calls.


Frugal is a high-performance Thrift codec, based on JIT that does not rely on the Go codec based on generated Go source code. In most scenarios, it outperforms the Go codec.

xDS Support

Kitex supports the xDS protocol and runs in Proxyless mode, managed by the service mesh in unify.

Request Profiler

Kitex Profiler provides request-level runtime cost statistic capability.

Multiple Services

Kitex supports multiple service registration on a server.

GLS Feature Usage

Goroutine local storage for implicitly pass context