Getting Started

This document covers the preparation of the development environment, quick start and basic tutorials of Kitex.


The Quick Start section is primarily aimed at developers who are new to Kitex. This section does not cover complex service governance topics but aims to provide users with a basic understanding and quick usage of Kitex’s RPC functionality. You can find more information in the Tutorials.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to follow the order of Prerequisites -> Basic Examples -> Advanced Tutorials to complete the Quick Start section. If you already have some development experience, you can directly read the Advanced Tutorials and start your Kitex journey after completing all the sections.

What You Will Learn

Through the Prerequisites and Basic Examples sections, you will gain a preliminary understanding of RPC concepts and use Kitex to quickly start our sample code, launching an RPC service and making calls.

In the Advanced Tutorials section, you will learn how to build RPC servers and clients from scratch using Kitex, and perform client-to-server calls.

In the Code Examples section, we provide practical examples of various Kitex features to help you better understand Kitex.

Seeking Help

If you have any questions or cannot resolve any issues with the documentation on your own, please submit an issue on the corresponding project repository on GitHub. The community maintainers will promptly address and assist you.


Pre-knowledge for using Kitex

Environment Preparation

Environment preparation for Kitex development

Basic Example

Basic example for Kitex

Advanced Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial for Kitex

Code Examples

Code Examples for using Kitex

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