hz basic usage

hz basic usage.

Basic Usage

new: Create a new Hertz project

  1. Create a new project

    # Execute outside GOPATH, you need to specify the go mod name
    hz new -module hertz/demo
    # Tidy & get dependencies
    go mod tidy
    # Execute under GOPATH, go mod name defaults to the current path relative to GOPATH, or you can specify your own
    hz new
    # Tidy & get dependencies
    go mod init # `go.mod` will not be generated after the previous step executed under GOPATH.
    go mod tidy

    After executed, it generates a scaffold for the Hertz project in the current directory.

  2. Compiling Projects

    go build
  3. Run the project and test it

    Run the project:

    ./{{your binary}}



    If it returns {"message":"pong"}, it works.


hz new is only used to initialize the project, use hz update to update the project. See using protobuf and use thrift.