Graceful Shutdown

The graceful shutdown function provided by Hertz when stopping service.

Hertz supports graceful shutdown, which is executed as follows:

  1. Set the state of engine to closed
  2. Sequential non-blocking trigger callback function []OnShutDown (consistent with standard library net/http), Select waits them until wait timeout or finish
  3. Select waits for the business coroutine to exit:
    1. For netpoll network library, turn on ticker with default 1s (set in netpoll, not changeable at the moment) and check if active conn (business handle exits and connection is not in blocking read state) is 0 at regular intervals; for go net network library, turn off listening and do not process the connection.
    2. Triggered by the context of ExitWaitTime, default 5s
  4. Uniformly add Connection:Close header to request packets in the process of closing
  5. Registration Center deregisters this service.
  6. Shut down the signal listening of the network library

If you want to modify the wait timeout, you can configure it with server.WithExitWaitTime().

If you want to register the hook function, you can do so by getting the Engine and registering it:

h.Engine.OnShutdown = append(h.Engine.OnShutdown, shutDownFunc)

waitSignal is default implementation for signal waiter,which is executed as follows:

  • SIGTERM triggers immediately close.
  • SIGHUP|SIGINT triggers graceful shutdown.

If Default one is not met the requirement, SetCustomSignalWaiter set this function to customize.

package main

import (

func main() {
	h := server.New()
	h.SetCustomSignalWaiter(func(err chan error) error {
		return nil

Hertz will exit immediately if f returns an error,otherwise it will exit gracefully.