Kitex Release v0.7.2

Introduction to Key Changes


1. Retry: limit perncetage of retry requests

The feature improves the usability of backup requests: if a request exceeds the retry delay threshold, a backup request will be sent; but if the request succeeds within the timeout threshold, it will not be treated as an error. Therefore large amount of backup requests may be sent due to a network jitter, which increases the pressure on the server and could even cause an avanlache.

It’s recommended to update your current implementation:

  1. Initialize a RetryContainer with retry.NewRetryContainerWithPercentageLimit() to limit the percentage of retry requests;
  2. Add an option client.WithCloseCallbacks(container.Close) when initializing a client, in order to release relevant resources when the client is recycled.


1. gRPC

  • Send END_STREAM flag in unary call
  • Fix grpc streaming tps decreasing and the selection logic of compressor

2. Long Connection Pool

If MaxIdleGlobal is not set, it is not limited by default, simplifying the configuration of long connection pools.


  • Upgrade netpoll to v0.5.0
  • Upgrade frugal to v0.1.8, enable frugal when compiled on go1.21 (note: old versions of frugal are not adapted to go1.21)

Full Release Log


  • [#1117] feat(retry): support retry percentage limit


  • [#1033] optimize: no need to check svcInfo twice
  • [#1115] optimize: rm outdated framed suggestion
  • [#1095] optimize: add K_METHOD in serviceinline ctx
  • [#1107] optimize(connpool): set maxIdleGlobal to no limit if not set


  • [#1116] fix: use the last rpcinfo to trace
  • [#1104] fix: move limiter handler to the last of the inbound handler to get rpcinfo in custom limiter
  • [#1103] fix: reset all fields of netpoll byte buffer when recycle it
  • [#1106] fix(grpc): fix grpc streaming tps decreasing and the selection logic of compressor
  • [#1114] fix(gRPC): client send END_STREAM flag in unary call (#1066)
  • [#1096] fix(tool): add backquote to handle filepath string invalid syntax under windows os
  • [#1098] fix(tool): fix import for codegen template when using slim and unknown fields


  • [#1124] test: fix codegen script
  • [#1122] test: add codegen test
  • [#1119] test(connpool): modify the idleTimeout


  • [#1133] chore: update version v0.7.2
  • [#1125] chore: upgrade netpoll to v0.5.0
  • [#1123] perf: replace concurrent string builder with lock
  • [#1118] perf: optimize remote addr setter interface to reduce lock cost of Address()
  • [#1110] chore: upgrade netpoll to v0.4.2 pre-release
  • [#1061] chore: netpoll pre release v0.4.2
  • [#1100] chore: enable frugal on go1.21