Kitex Release v0.7.0

Introduction to Key Changes


1. gRPC Compression Support

Implemented compression support for Kitex gRPC, allowing compression methods like gzip to reduce payload size.

2. GLS (Goroutine Local Storage)

Utilized the local-session component for context propagation in fallback requests, addressing the issue of broken microservice chains caused by missing ctx.


1. Unserialized Unknown Fields

Implemented unserialization of unknown fields, resulting in a performance improvement of approximately 6x to 7x on FastCodec. See details in #1017.

2. Integration with DynamicGo

Integrated dynamicgo into Kitex’s generic module to enhance performance of JSON/HTTP generic invocations (+50% to 200%).


Upgraded Thriftgo library dependency to v0.3.0, adding support for Thriftgo reflection, enabling runtime access to IDL metadata.

Full Release Log


  • [#1053] feat(retry): support to distinguish local retry request
  • [#1058] feat(retry): support delete retry policy dynamically
  • [#1000] feat(grpc): support grpc compress
  • [#1018] feat: use local-session to backup request context in case of missing
  • [#1045] feat(generic): support base64 codec for map generic
  • [#1035] feat(config): provide the ability to dynamically configure the rpctimeout config on the method hierarchy
  • [#825] feat(generic): integrate dynamicgo into kitex generic call
  • [#1019] feat(lb): interleaved weighted round-robin load balancer


  • [#1064] optimize: check header max size when ttheader encode
  • [#1017] optimize: implement unknown field function without serialization
  • [#1036] optimize(protobuf): ignore err when (un)marshal empty req/resp
  • [#1056] optimize(tool): optimize struct ref
  • [#1043] optimize: add method info to the error message of the server handler panic for easy troubleshooting
  • [#1025] optimize: use Tags of ServerBasicInfo as default Tags of RegistryInfo
  • [#1020] optimize: add nil check for MethodInfo which get from ServiceInfo in client.Call to ignore panic


  • [#1073] fix: fix failure retryer dump panic
  • [#1067] fix: slim template with deepcopy
  • [#1055] fix: ignore SIGHUP when run with nohup
  • [#1048] fix(retry): keep the behavior of retry policy consistent between initing and updating
  • [#1047] fix(tool): cli warning for unknown suffix
  • [#1038] fix(config): correct the function signature of the rpcinfo.TimeoutProvider implementation
  • [#1034] fix(generic): add case int16 into buildinTypeIntoString
  • [#1023] fix(generic): avoid dead-loop when marshal self-referenced struct
  • [#1028] fix:modify .licenserc.yaml
  • [#1012] fix: skip frugal on go 1.21
  • [#992] fix(grpc): use mcache to fix memory leak caused by grpc codec buffer to reuse memory incorrectly
  • [#994] fix(tool): fix kitex tool git repo pulling logic


  • [#1074] chore: update thriftgo to v0.3.0
  • [#1031] chore: remove wechat group in readme
  • [#1008] chore: update dynamicgo to v0.1.1
  • [#1006] chore: remove unnecessary replace for frugal
  • [#1007] chore: upgrade netpoll to v0.4.1