Kitex Release v0.4.0

Introduction to Key Changes


  1. Retry enhancement: Support user-defined result retry; Support request-level configuration (priority is higher than Neptune). See retry guide for details
  2. Frugal (Thrift): Support default value of IDL; No codec code is supported by using frugal. See frugal for details
  3. Tool-Protobuf: Support depend on external libraries with go_package, see Notes for Using Protobuf IDLs; Support Guess IDL type from the file extension, it is unnecessary to specify the type param when generating the protobuf code
  4. Fastpb(protobuf): Support fastpb to optimize performance of protobuf, and it is integrated into Kite by default. See fastpb for details
  5. Generic Call: Support HTTP+Protobuf generic call
  6. Kitex lib supports Windows: You can use kitex running on Windows (Kitex tool still doesn’t support)

Optimization & Bugfix

  1. Performance Optimization: gRPC unary throughput increased by 46-70%, and 51% - 70% higher than the official gRPC framework throughput. See benchmark for details
  2. Generic Call: Support default value defined in thrift IDL for HTTP / Map / JSON Generic

Full Release Log


  • [#571] feat(protobuf): integrate fastpb into kitex, refer to doc.
  • [#592] feat(generic): add default value defined in thrift idl for HTTP/Map/JSON generic call.
  • [#600] feat(thrift): support no codec gen-code when using frugal.
  • [#607, #610] feat(proxyless): add option for xDS extension. Support traffic route, timeout config and service discovery based on xDS.
  • [#541] feat(trans): Add the go net extension to the transport layer, and choose it as the transmission mode by default in Windows OS.
  • [#540] feat(retry): support retry with specified error or response and add retry option for setup method retry policy.
  • [#533] feat(generic): js_conv annotation of generic call supports map type conversion.


  • [#522, #538, #605] perf(grpc): optimize performance for gRPC protocol.
  • [#590] optimize(tool): guess IDL type from file extension.
  • [#559] optimize(timeout): use wrap func to check timeout err in timeout middleware which can ignore logs customized timeout err.
  • [#581] optimize(tool): kitex tool usage add cmd example.


  • [#564] fix(oneway): discard oneway conn after sending complete, or subsequent requests that send to the same connection may get blocked until the oneway request gets processed by the server.
  • [#577, #584, #602] fix(rpcinfo): fix rpcinfo reuse problem in longconn scene.
  • [#578] fix: fix long pool dump panic.
  • [#583] fix(tool): fix misusing of package name in protobuf generated code.
  • [#587] fix(tool): skip proto files with external import paths when generates code.
  • [#594] fix(generic): support the tag format of the escape double quotes in single quotes to be compatible with the logic of the old version.
  • [#595] fix: fix nil union panic in BLength.
  • [#589, #596] fix(frugal): fix frugal build tag.


  • [#566] refactor(metainfo): remove noused metakeys of HTTP2 Header.
  • [#593] refactor(trans): support specify Listener for server by option WithListener, the priority is higher than WithServiceAddr.
  • [#582] refactor(tool): use templates by embedding and export APIs for external usage for kitex tool.


  • [#579] test: add ut for long pool dump function.
  • [#608] test: fix data race in TestClientConnDecoupledFromApplicationRead.
  • [#609] test: fix gonet ut avoid testing port conflicts.
  • [#480] test: add unit test for client package.


  • [#558] ci: fix setup-python github action.
  • [#487] ci: workflow add golangci-lint.
  • [#580] chore: fix the typos in remote module about go net.
  • [#601] chore: fixed some typos and replaced some defunct functions.
  • [#604] chore: upgrade fastpb to v0.0.2.
  • [#603] chore: upgrade frugal to v0.1.2.

Dependency Change v0.1.1 -> v0.1.3 v0.2.5 -> v0.2.6 v0.1.2 -> v0.2.0 v1.26.0 -> v1.28.0 v0.0.13 -> v0.0.15

new imported: v0.0.2 v1.8.2