Kitex Release v0.0.4


  • Make transMetaHandler executed before customized boundHandlers to ensure the customized boundHandlers could get metainfo.
  • TransError uses internal error typeID if exist.


  • Not reset stats level when clear RPCInfo in netpollmux to fix metric missing bug when use netpollmux.
  • Remove stale addresses in long pool.
  • Add an EOF condition to eliminate a redundant warning.
  • Modify error types check of service circuit breaker to fix the bug that fuse cannot be triggered.


  • Adjust protobuf generated code of unary to support both Kitex Protobuf and gRPC.
  • Upgrade version of thriftgo to fix golint style.
  • Fix typo in thrift generated code.
  • Fix a bug that streaming generated code missing transport option.


  • Add Golang setup section and Golang version requirement
  • Some docs are updated.
  • Add some English documents.

Dependency Change:

  • Thriftgo: v0.0.2-0.20210726073420-0145861fcd04 -> v0.1.2
  • Netpoll: v0.0.2 -> v0.0.3